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Blockchain Pre-Accelerator
Oct - Dec 2021

Are you working with a pioneering blockchain solution that has potential to transform how people live and work? Our pre-accelerator program provides early-stage ideas, projects and startups in this space the springboard you need to start making real impact. Application deadline is October 1, 2021.

Who is the program for?

Teams, individuals and early-stage startups working with new ideas within blockchain technology who are ready to take the next step and start building a viable business. You will test and refine your idea, drive proofs of concepts, get meaningful critique and help to focus your project or business.

Program Details

During 2,5 months, you will have time to focus on building out your idea. Throughout a series of hands-on workshops, experienced entrepreneurs and blockchain experts will delve into all the topics necessary for you to get a 360-degree view of the industry and build a successful startup. In between workshops, you will have access to coaches for additional guidance and light/whitepaper reviews.

As part of the program, you’ll also receive a builder grant of up to 25,000 in USD Coin (USDC) and the chance to join Sting’s world-leading startup accelerator program.

The Blockchain Pre-Accelerator program was created from a partnership between Sting and Advanced Blockchain AG. It is part of our commitment to incubate pioneering companies developing Web 3.0, and to provide technologists generally with more opportunities to jump into the space.

The program is remotely held, and we welcome applicants from the Nordics and Estonia.

Program Details

Projects will kick off at different times depending on what is most appropriate for their situation.  However, we only plan to give out ~10 grants in the first wave.


Our coaches are entrepreneurs themselves. They also have experience from leading roles at technology companies as well as from the venture capital industry.

Cecilia Bratt
Expertise in B2B, SaaS and marketing

Responsible for: 
– Business modelling
– Testing your business idea
– Teambuilding
– Marketing & Network effects

Fredrik Rosengren
Expertise in coaching SaaS and software/services companies

Responsible for: 
– Building an MVP
– Go-to-Market
– Finding Problem-Solution Fit / Product-Market Fit
– Unit economics and Sales

Advanced Blockchain

Our team of engineers and entrepreneurs are very experienced in the development and incubation of new blockchain projects. Thus we incubated several projects that have later been spun out, providing developer resources, market positioning, product management, economic modeling, and strategic advice.

Simon Telian 
Expertise in Venture Building and Corporate Finance

Responsible for:
– Ecosystem Support
– Builder Grants
– Venture Capital and Funding

Larry Fulton 
Expertise in Venture Building and Design Strategy

Responsible for:
– Use Case Development
– Solution Concepts
– Execution Strategy
– Operational Management

Mike Taylor 
Expertise in Project Management

Responsible for:
– ABAG resourcing and support
– Product and feature sets
– Roadmaps


Workshops are required for all team members from each participating project to attend. These events will occur throughout the program, led by Advanced Blockchain practitioners alongside business coaches from Sting. A time slot for each session may be reserved for a special guest from partners of the Blockchain Pre-accelerator to speak on a relevant subject.

Workshops include:

– Contextual lectures discussing key concepts and trends in blockchain, and how Founders can apply such learnings
– Practical training on fundamental business skills (elevator pitches, budgeting, testing / auditing)
– Rehearsal presentations / pitches for live discussion and feedback
– Fireside chats with special guests

Each workshop covers a blockchain-related topic necessary for founders to develop a well-rounded comprehension of the space as well as key components of how to build a successful startup. In between the workshops your team will get tasks to work on.

Workshop subjects and a preliminary list of in-depth topics is as follows:

1. Decentralized Finance & Financial Inclusion (An Introduction to DeFi)

– Brief history of DeFi since 2009
– Financial Lexicon / learnings from TradFi
– DeFi building blocksBuilding an ecosystem around a use case

Startup topics:
– Startup challenges
– Your entrepreneurial mindset
– Business modelling
– Testing your business idea

2. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)

– Brief history of NFTs
– NFT applications in DeFi
– Conceptual definitions and ERC-721 token standard
– Implementing NFTs

Startup topics:
– The crying customer
– Finding your first customers
– Building an MVP
– Finding Problem-Solution Fit / Product-Market Fit

3. Intersections with Traditional Finance (Tax, AML/KYC, Financial Regulations, and Proof-of-work)

– Company formation
– Determining requirements for compliant operations
– Key regulators in major jurisdictions
– The path to general adoption
– The importance of Smart Contract auditing

Startup topics:
– How to finance your startup
– Building a winning team

4. Enterprise Blockchains & Applications (From Manufacturing to HealthTech)

– Services delivered by enterprise blockchains
– Competitors in traditional markets
– Equity approaches and performance
– Innovations in HealthTech

Startup topics:
– Pitching to investors
– Test and get feedback on your pitch

5. Pitching Finals & Mainstream Adoption
A jury selecting the winning teams of the Blockchain Pre-Accelerator preparing them for Mainstream Adoption in the Nordics and beyond.
The #1 Winner will win a spot in Sting’s next Accelerate batch.


If you are a founder / team based in the Nordics or Estonia, this is your opportunity to be a part of a world-class cohort of builders representing the next generation of Web 3.0 protocols, applications, and communities.

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